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Be College Ready is designed to help parents prepare their children for today’s academic challenges while becoming knowledgeable about the financial realities of achieving a post-secondary education.

Students in any elementary school statewide (public and private) can also receive homework folders, pencils and bookmarks from their schools. Have your elementary school sign up for Be College Ready today!

Savings for students with disabilities

Do you have a child with a disability or teach children with disabilities? There's a new savings plan just for them. Although they can still use the Oregon College Savings Plan to save for higher education, they can also use our sister plan, the Oregon ABLE Savings Plan, which was created to help people with disabilities save money without losing their state and federal benefits.

The Oregon ABLE Savings Plan has many of the same great features as the Oregon College Savings Plan: easy way to save for higher education, low fees, professionally-managed investments and tax benefits. But ABLE does so much more.

Many state and federal benefits (like SSI, Oregon Health Plan, etc.) limit the amount of assets or resources someone can have and still use those programs. For many benefits, you can’t have more than $2,000 in your name. However, money saved in an ABLE account does not count towards these asset limits.

ABLE can help people with disabilities save for education, housing, transportation, basic living expenses and so much more. Learn more about Oregon ABLE at .

Click here  to view Oregon ABLE Savings plan videos.